Make Your Presentation Live
Anywhere In The World

Whether you want your presentation to be available to the public, or just to a select group of people, we can broadcast your presentation live, with slides and video, to anyone in the world who has an internet connection!

Webex, Facebook Live, AnyMeeting, YouTube Live Events… there are tons of different platform options for streaming your event or meeting. We always recommend Zoom, but we’ll work with you to decide what the right platform is for your company!

Who is your target audience? | Does the stream need to be private? | How many viewers do you anticipate having? | What will the format of your presentation be? | What is your budget?

Your answers will help us make sure that the platform we choose will provide everything that your company needs.





What will Davideo Company provide?

We will provide:

  • One or more HD cameras that will provide the video feed for the live stream (multiple angles make for a more engaging viewing experience)
  • A laptop to run the live broadcast
  • An encoding device to send the video signal from the camera to the laptop
  • Microphones (lavaliere and/or handheld) to send clear audio to the video stream
  • 2-3 crew members to set up and run the equipment
    • One person to run the camera – pan, zoom, follow the presenter if they are walking around
    • One person to run the live stream – advance slides, check for viewer questions, make sure everything is running smoothly
    • One person to adjust audio levels if there will be multiple microphones in use
  • Raw, recorded video from the presentation that can be edited and posted online for anyone who missed the live event

*Additional cameras, crew, and A/V equipment are available if needed*

What will my company or venue need to provide?

Your company will need to provide:

  • Access to a hard wired, high speed internet connection
  • Access to the location before the day of the event to test the connection
  • A projector and projection screen or HD monitor for slides if there will be a live audience
  • A laptop with the slide presentation, which we will output to the projector or monitor in the room, as well as to our video switcher, so that we can mix them into the outgoing video stream as high quality graphic images in real time, and not just record them off the projection screen



Additional Services Offered

After your live event is over, Davideo Company offers additional editing services so that you can post a completed video of your event online.

We will take the raw footage that we recorded during your live event and edit in the slides, allowing you to make the entire presentation available for on demand viewing with a much higher quality recording than you would get directly from your selected webinar software.

If you had multiple presentations at your event that addressed different topics, we can create multiple shorter videos for each topic discussed.

You can view samples of videos we’ve created from recorded presentations on our business presentations page.