No one can convey the passion of your commitment better than your own staff and volunteers, and no one can better express the appreciation for the work you do than those you serve. Leverage those compelling first-person stories to raise awareness, attract donations and recruit volunteers!

Our skilled interviewers and editors will gently extract those experiences and blend the segments into a cohesive tale you will be proud to share!


Client: MetroWest Adult English as a Second Language

The MetroWest Adult English as a Second Language program has provided free English language instruction and life skills training to immigrants since 1984.

How Our Video for Nonprofits Helped:

Davideo Company has produced videos on behalf of MWESL for over 15 years. This particular video was introduced at their last annual fundraising gala, and underscores the value of learning the language of your adopted homeland.


Client: The Taly Foundation

The Taly Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to preschool in order to prepare more children for starting Kindergarten.

How Our Video for Nonprofits Helped:

Taly hired Davideo Company to produce a video to show at their upcoming fundraising event.

“The presentation was great, several folks were moved to tears. We had a fabulous night and are very grateful”

-Jill Dixon, President and Co-founder, Taly Foundation


Client: The MetroWest YMCA

The MetroWest YMCA is a community-focused nonprofit with recreational programs & services for all ages.

How Our Video for Nonprofits Helped:

We produced this video for the MetroWest YMCA to tell the story of the many ways they help those in need in the community, including coming to the aid of a family who fled Ukraine.


Client: Bethany Health Care Center

Bethany Health Care Center is a rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility located in Framingham, MA, which was named by US News World Report as one of the nation’s top assisted living facilities.

How Our Video for Nonprofits Helped:

They contacted Davideo Company wanting to create a video to recognize the efforts of their dedicated staff. We spent several days on location, capturing interviews with their staff members and b-roll footage showing their day-to-day work around the facility. The video was presented at their annual dinner and is also displayed on their website.


Client: The MetroWest Center for Independent Living

The MetroWest Center for Independent Living is a non-profit organization created by people with disabilities seeking full integration into society.

How Our Video for Nonprofits Helped:

The MWCIL wanted to show a video at their annual fundraising dinner to increase awareness of the Center’s mission and to inspire donations. They received a grant through the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority to produce the video and chose Davideo Company for the job.

Sara White, Director of Marketing and Communications at the MWRTA said:

“Every time someone has seen it, they always remark on truly how it has really taken the next step, and I think it gave us all a chance to see the importance of what the Center does. I had never expected a company to put in 150% instead of 100%. That makes the difference and it’s because of that that I will without a doubt refer Davideo Company to people in the future.”



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