Using video can boost your business inside and out… if you do it right. In our last post, we talked about why you should consider using video as part of your marketing strategy and why shooting your own videos with a smartphone is a bad idea. Today we’ll continue our review of questions clients often ask about how to use video effectively.


1. “What kind of video should I post on my website?”

People go to the internet for information and they’ll spend more time watching videos that provide useful information and advice instead of just beating them over the head with a sales pitch.

Post some video tips on the things to look for when shopping for your product or service, or short how ­to videos for simple procedures consumers can do on their own. Another video might help consumers recognize a situation in which it would be better to call in a professional.

You should also put video testimonials from your best customers on your website and in email newsletters. Remember that testimonials have to be genuine, from real consumers the viewer can relate to. People who faced the same choices the viewer faces now, and can explain in simple language why they were happy with your product or service.

Select different customers to make different points. One can tell how you saved them money by doing the job right the first time, another can mention how you solved a specific problem, etc.

Multiple short videos are better than one long one that tries to be all things to all people

If your product has multiple applications, consider a short video for each of those applications. If your product is both a “great dessert topping” AND a “wonderful floor wax”, fine – do one video targeting each of those two different markets. Don’t make the people looking for floor wax sit through the segment on dessert toppings, and vice versa.


2. “I see how video can boost my marketing efforts. How can video provide internal benefits for my business?”

You need to communicate effectively with your employees, too. One-on-­one, in­-person, live training works, but it’s very inefficient.

Need to orient new employees on a regular basis? Want to teach your technicians how to install and service that new item in your line? Show them how to do it with a video.

Let’s face it, many written “instruction manuals”, even those with a few snapshots, are pretty thin on details, and leave out many of the real world tips and short cuts that can make the employee more efficient and reduce frustration. So stop repeating yourself! A video can’t really clone you, but it can clone your presentation.


Check back soon for more tips on how to use video to boost your business!




How to Use Video to Boost Your Business Inside and Out

Using video can boost your business inside and out… if you do it right. In this post, we begin a series featuring some of the questions we hear from prospective clients about why they should use video and how to use it correctly. Read More.