Working at a non-profit organization is a never-ending sequence of wearing too many hats and trying to do too much on too small a budget. The person in charge of marketing is often also in charge of answering the phones, scheduling appointments, and roughly four hundred other tasks. It doesn’t leave much time for planning out and overseeing full-scale fundraising campaigns. Luckily, there’s video.

Video is the golden solution for a non-profit organization that is looking to broaden its reach with potential donors. Non-profits may not have the same financial backing as most corporations, but they do have a wealth of invaluable resources in the people they work with. Non-profits are run and staffed by change-makers, often including many volunteers, who spend every working day trying to improve the lives of others, and their efforts are hugely appreciated by those who receive the organization’s help. Often, the people who are helped by an organization want to find a way to show their appreciation and gratitude, and video is a way that they can do so.

Far and away, the most practical and valuable video resource for a non-profit is a video testimonial. Here at Davideo Company, we are quick to recommend video testimonials for many types of clients looking to use video, because they really are one of the best investments a business or brand can make. We’ve gone so far as to call video testimonials a “no-brainer”, but in all honesty, the video testimonials we’ve made for non-profits are some of the most powerful pieces we’ve ever worked on. The emotional power of a person sharing their story of how an organization helped them overcome their challenges is impossible to beat.

This testimonial for the MetroWest YMCA shows how moving it is when someone shares their story.

One of the advantages of video testimonials is that they are very efficient to film and edit, and therefore not as expensive to produce as videos of a grander scale, such as company overviews that might involve multiple locations and several days of filming. While we always recommend the addition of background (“B-roll”) footage to complement and illustrate the interview content, it’s definitely possible to achieve a similar effect with still photos if shooting additional footage is either out of the budget or impossible for other reasons. In the above video you can see we utilized both video and still photos.

Video testimonials such as this can certainly be used at a fundraising event, but they’re incredibly versatile and can be used in multiple ways. They can be added to your organization’s website, sent out in emails, and shared on social media channels in either its full form or in an abbreviated version optimized for different sites. The possibilities are endless, and that’s another reason why video testimonials are especially valuable for non-profits. Let your story be told by the people who know you best: those people whose lives you’ve helped change.

>All that being said, video testimonials are not the only types of videos that we create for non-profit organizations. Throughout our 25+ years of business, we’ve established working relationships with several non-profits that have continued for many years, and throughout the course of these relationships we’ve produced a variety of videos.

Some examples of different types of videos we’ve created for non-profit organizations.

If your organization wants to highlight the efforts of your dedicated staff, look back on the events of the past year, or celebrate the success of a specific event or program, video is an incredibly versatile medium worth considering. Engaging video stories can boost staff morale, attract volunteers, and inspire potential supporters. If your organization has been thinking of branching out into video, it’s the right choice. Let video help spread the word about all of the good work you do every day to help others.




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