Event video coverage – odds are your immediate interpretation of that phrase involves the following: a static video camera or two, some coverage of a presentation, speaker, or panel, and one delivered video file for use on a website or in an email. But isn’t that pretty severely limiting of all the potential advantages of utilizing video during and after your events? Aren’t we living in a time when video can be distributed in different forms, across different platforms, and for incredibly different reasons? There’s a perception that the place of video recording for use at events is restricted to either live streaming or traditional content coverage, but what about customer testimonials? Social media sound bytes? Let’s look into how investing in video for your event can get you much more ROI than you might expect.



Most, if not every video production company out there is capable of much more than setting up a camera and aiming it correctly. If you’re investing in video for your event, why not take advantage of your event’s audience and set up some customer testimonials? Having your video production company set up a separate ad hoc room for recording testimonials from event attendees not only takes advantage of video, but saves you the trouble of scheduling and recording testimonials on an as-needed basis. These testimonials can be edited and exported for social media, email, or website use, and are cost and time-effective to obtain during the event. Using highlights from the testimonials in as many different forms as possible will ensure that your brand reaches the widest possible audience and promotes positive perceptions about your service in the most concise way possible.

The same idea can be applied to any form of video taken during or for your event. If you’re recording or live streaming a presentation or panel, all it takes a simple request to your video production company to pull out some highlights or sound bytes for distribution across social media, email, or other platforms. Presenting information from your event to the public in such a concise manner will increase brand recognition and prime potential customers to choose your service over others. And the best part is, all of this can be achieved in one place and with nearly no extra effort just by correctly investing in a video production company.



On a related note – PLEASE ensure that your coverage is in an HD format. Brightcove reports that consumers are 62% more likely to have a negative perception of the brand when confronted with poor-quality video. You can say goodbye to any potential ROI if your videos are recorded or distributed in a less than 720p format. Consumers demand video quality that reflects the quality of the brand or product, and if your quality isn’t up to par, there isn’t much point to investing in video content anyway. It may be fine to have your staff run around grabbing quick clips on their smartphones for real time posts to social media, but you should seriously consider professional video coverage to assure that the quality is there when you want to leverage that content after the guests have gone home.

Ultimately, it’s essential to understand the myriad ways that video can be used to document your event AND be distributed across different platforms. There are dozens of online and offline venues where video coverage can be an effective tool, and if it seems daunting, it might be worth investing in video further to ensure that your events are being as thoroughly documented as possible, and that your brand is taking full advantage of its online presence.






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