If your site is not fully optimized by April 21st, your ranking in Google’s search results will drop and your site may not show up at all. Google announced on February 26th that they will be using mobile friendliness as a major factor in site ranking making it easier for users to get search results that are optimized for their device.

If you are not sure if your site is fully optimized for mobile, you can use Google’s Webmaster tools to find out. Their Mobile-Friendly Test allows you to test your site pages to see if they have a mobile friendly design and their Usability Report will give you a full list of usability issues throughout your site.


If you find that your site is not mobile friendly, check out this guide from Google Developers to learn how to optimize your site.

You can learn more about the new ranking system in the full announcement here



Want to boost your ranking even more? Google loves videos
so having videos on your site will boost your ranking!


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Google will flag ALL non HTTPS websites starting in July 2018!

Over the past several years, Google has been pushing developers towards adopting HTTPS encryption on their websites to create a safer web experience for everyone. Currently, all websites that have HTTPS encryption are marked with a green “Secure” message to the left of the URL at the top of a web page to let users know when a site is safe, and over the last year Google has started flagging non HTTPS sites with a “Not Secure” message, to warn users of possible un-safe sites. Read More