PowerPoint expert Dave Paradi of ThinkOutsideTheSlide.com conducted a survey in 2013 to find out what annoys people most when they view a PowerPoint presentation. 682 people responded and over 50% of them cited “text too small to read” as one of their top three annoyances.

It’s an easy trap to fall into. Small text and details may be easy to read when you’re creating slides at your desktop with a big monitor right in front of you, but try walking away from your computer screen. Can you still read those details when you’re ten feet away? If not, think about the people who will be sitting at the back of the room when you give your presentation.

Dave Paradi created these guides to help you calculate what font size you should use on your slides depending on the size of the screen being used and the distance between the screen and the person who’s sitting the farthest away.

Font size guide for 16×9 screens


Font size guide for 4×3 screens




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